Culinary Arts at MBCC

Dearborn students are in the process of choosing their classes next year.  At MBCC we offer courses for students interested in the Hospitality and Tourism industry through our Culinary Arts program.

Students in Culinary Arts prepare for careers in the fine dining industry, including chefs and managers who work at upscale restaurants, resorts and cruise ships.  The focus is not just on cooking and preparing to enter Culinary school to become a Chef, but rather focuses on all aspects of the industry.  Students will learn to wait on customers, serve food, order supplies, manage employees, track sales and even do the dishes!  We run a full-service, fine dining restaurant at MBCC called the Bon Apetite’.  It is open to the public for lunch Wednesday to Friday and allows are students to practice what they learn in class in a “Real World” setting.

For more information about our Culinary Arts program, click the images below to see our informational flyer.

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