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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enroll at MBCC?
Students can sign up for MBCC courses every Spring  during their normal course selection process for the following year.

What Courses/Programs do you offer?
To meet the needs of students desiring advance training in high demand, highly skilled and high paid career fields, the MBCC offers year-long, 2-hour (all courses) or 3-hour (hospitality) block classes in the following Career Fields:

NEW Dearborn Business Academy @ MBCC  (Students complete all three business programs in two year–Accounting, Marketing and Business Managment & Technology)
Design Technology (Design Concepts and Software Specialist)
Health Sciences (Allied Health, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, Pre-Emergency Medical Services (PreEMS),  Sports Med/Physical Therapy Assist?)
Hospitality Studies (Culinary Arts
1 Hour Electives: (Design Concepts 2D, Design Concepts 3D, Medical Terminology, Pre-Pharmacy Tech, Emergency Response Technician (Advanced First Aid).

*All MBCC Career Courses fulfill the Visual, Performing and Applied Arts (VPAA or “Art”).  Note:  A second year of VPAA coursework can be substituted for the second year of world languages required to graduate.
*All MBCC Career Courses fulfill the Requirement for “3rd Science” (Junior Year Science)
*Software Specialist and Business Managment & Technology are  approved to meet the “Computer Applications” requirement.
*Students completing Intro Marketing and Market Management/Selling, and passing the final exam may receive credit for US Economics.

Do I take MBCC courses instead of my regular high school courses?
No, you still remain enrolled at your home high school and will graduate from that school.  You will take three (3) hours of your classes each day at the MBCC and the remainder of your courses at your home school.  We offer a morning session (1st to 3rd hours) and an afternoon session (4th to 6th hours).  Most students take a 2-hour Career Course and a 1-hour “core” class or elective to fill their schedule at MBCC.

What MBCC courses count towards my graduation requirement (aka the Michigan Merit Curriculum–MMC)?
*Most students take one “core” class while at MBCC to help meet their graduation requirement.
US History (1oth Grade)
Econ/Government (11th Grade)
Language Arts 7/8 (12th Grade)

Do students earn college credit for MBCC courses?
MBCC courses are high school courses; however, all career programs at MBCC offer Articulated Credits from many community colleges and universities.  This means that you will receive college credits at those colleges when you enroll in a related program after high school.

Is bus transportation provided to MBCC?
Yes, busses pick students up at their home schools and return them back after their session.  Morning busses return students in time for lunch and afternoon busses return students in time for dismissal at the high schools.

Can I take Dual Enrollment (“college”) classes or Co-op at MBCC
Yes, students at MBCC may take a career class and a dual enrollment or Co-op class to fill their 3 hours at MBCC.

Can I still participate in activities, clubs and sports at my home school?
Yes, our schedule allows students to return to their home school in time for all extra-curricular activities.

Does MBCC offer any clubs or activities?
Yes, students at MBCC are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities.  These include numerous community service activities and several organized clubs/competitions including Skills USA (career based competition for students in Hospitality), Health Occupations Students of America–HOSA (competition and club for Health Sciences students), Business Professionals of America–BPA (competition and club for Design/Information Technology students), DECA (competition and club for students in Marketing classes) , and Innovative Vehicle Design (IVD) club (students build and compete with an innovative electric vehicle–open to all MBCC students).

Is there a test or application needed to attend MBCC?
No, programs at MBCC are open to all Dearborn Public School 10th-12th grade students.  However, due to the fast paced and demanding nature of these intensive career training courses, students should be aware that these course require a high level of maturity, responsibility and personal accountability to be successful.

How do I learn more about courses at MBCC?
We provide several opportunities to learn more about our course offerings, facilities and staff including:
a) An annual Winter Open house after school for you and your parents to meet the staff, tour the facility and find out more about our programs.  This is held during spring parent/teacher conferences.

b) An annual “Bring a Buddy to Berry” day where students interested in enrolling at MBCC can take the bus to the center for a day and experience what it is like to attend some of the classes we offer.  Students should visit the counseling office to sign up.

c) There are course descriptions for our offerings on this web site.  Students and parents are also encouraged to email the teachers (check the staff pages for their email address) and ask them more about their programs.

d) Feel free to call MBCC at (313) 827-4800 and leave a message for our CTE Supervisor  (Dr. Bayerl).  You may also email him at BayerlJ@dearbornschools.org .  We will get back to you as soon as possible with whatever information you may find valuable about the MBCC.


Michael Berry Career Center  |  Winifred L. Green, Phd (Principal)

(313) 827-4800  |  22586 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, 48127

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