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Remote Learning @ MBCC Kickoff

Welcome students and parents! Even though our building is closed, the learning continues. Our governor and legislature has required we transition to an online “remote learning” plan for the remainder of the school year. Our plan has been submitted to the county and accepted…and starts TODAY! I’ve posted the details below, and attached a handy copy you can print out, but the staff at MBCC thought it would be fun to share this fun little video with you outlining the basics. Hope to “see” you all soon! We miss you!

What Remote Learning Looks Like at MBCC

For the remainder of the 2019-2020 School Year (ending June 11, 2020), the MBCC Teachers will…

  • Check their district email a minimum of once daily and responding within 24 hours to questions from students, parents and the community
  • Update their classroom blog(s) every Monday with their plan for the week including
    • Schedule and instructions for two required remote learning lessons
    • Schedule and instructions for office hours for student/parent questions
    • Some teacher may post assignments in advance here.
    • A directory of staff blogs can be found at
  • Create and present two (2) live/recorded lessons per week for each class.
    • Schedule and instructions for joining can be found on teachers blog.
    • Students are required to attend a minimum of 60% of these sessions to earn credit for the class and must attend 75% or more to earn a grade of “A” for the semester.
    • Staff will assign at least two (2) assignments per week that students must complete and submit to teacher for grading.  Students are required to earn a minimum of 60% of on these assignments to earn credit for the class and must earn 75% or more to earn a grade of “A” for the semester.
    • Students who can not attend the scheduled “live” sessions due to conflicting events can participate in the recorded session.  Must do this within 24 hours.   
  • Feedback must be provided and grades entered in MiStar.
    • Student participation and assignment grades will be posted in MiStar (Parent/Student Connect) so you can track your progress
  • Post and participate in “office hours”
    • Teachers will be available “live” a minimum of one hour per week to answer parent and student questions.  See individual teacher’s blogs for schedule and contact method.
    • Remember, teachers are monitoring school email all week as well. 
  • Teachers are required to make “live” contact with students every week.  If you students are attending the remote learning lessons, they will meet that requirement.  If not, teachers will be using a variety of methods to reach out to students (online hangouts/chats, email, phone, etc.)
  • If students are still not participating, MBCC and High School intervention teams will contact students and/or parents. 
  • Translation Services, access to a chromebook and assistance with internet access are available to families in need.  Contact the students’ high school for information.