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Scheduling Resources

Various links and resources related to “Education with a Purpose” so that students and parents have all the information necessary to know not only “what courses CAN I take?” but “what courses SHOULD I take?”

Click this link for 2021-2022 Video Scheduling Presentations. Videos are closed captioned and captions can be automatically translated by the user.

Click link below to download a copy of the CTE Scheduling Presentation that accompanies the videos above.

Click the link below for a list of academies and various courses, programs and pathways that can be used to prepare students for college and careers based on those academies.

Link to the Department of Education and the Michigan Merit Curriculum with answers to Frequently Asked Questions: Michigan Merit Curriculum FAQs

Click link below to download a list of CTE Programs/Courses and how they can be used to meet the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.