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Questions about Back to School

As Dearborn Schools and the Michigan Department of Education continue to grapple with back-to-school plans, we will try to post information about how various plans impact MBCC students here. Students/Parents should contact your student’s HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELOR for up-to-date information.

At this time, there are TWO option for for students (both will begin the year online):

The Dearborn Virtual Academy: Students will enroll in the DVA and take ONLINE ONLY classes for the entire year. At this time, these students can NOT take MBCC classes and will have to select alternative electives based on what DVA offers.

Return to School (Phase 4): Students will start the year (until October 1) in an online only format with “Optional Learning Labs”. Each month, the district will re-evaluate and decide if students will continue with remote learning or resume face-to-face instruction in the classroom. Students will keep the six courses they selected (3 periods at MBCC and 3 periods at the home school)

We are currently working out what the first day(s) of school will look like and will post that information here when it is finalized (how students schedules, how to log into remote learning, what exactly Learning Labs will entail, daily schedules, etc. )