Career & Technical Education and Michael Berry Career Center

First Week of School

Parents and Students: Thank your for your patience in this rapidly evolving remote learning environment. Our expectations for MBCC student this week are:

  • Check our your high school’s home page and follow THEIR directions for what you are supposed to do. We will accommodate their differing schedules to the best of our ability.
  • Log into the Schoology accounts for each of your classes as scheduled (1-2-3rd hour Monday, 4-5-6 hour Tuesday). MBCC Teachers should have a BRIEF “check in” assignment, information or further instructions.
  • We are in the process of adding three new teachers (hopefully in the next week), so if your teacher’s name is “STAFF” you need to EMAIL the person indicated and tell them:
    • In the subject, put “Checking In” and your NAME/Student Number
    • In the body of the email, tell us:
      • Which high school you are coming from
      • Which hour(s) and which class(es) you are enrolled in at MBCC
    • Send email to the following person (depending on the class you are in):
      • Staff “C” (Criminal Justice Classes): email Ms. Chokr (
      • Staff “T” (Allied Health Classes): email Mrs. Barton (
      • Staff “Z” (Language Arts Classes): Email Mr. Odeh (