Career & Technical Education and Michael Berry Career Center

MBCC Honor Cords

We are in the process of evaluating graduating Seniors for the MBCC Honor Cord. The criteria for students to earn this cord are listed below:

Graduation Honor Cord Criteria


The Michael Berry Career Center (MBCC) Graduation Honor Cord is awarded to students to recognize distinguished achievement in the Career and Technical Education (CTE)  programs at the Michael Berry Career Center.  The MBCC Graduation Honor Cord is approved to be worn during high school and Collegiate Academy graduation ceremonies.


  • Students must be enrolled in a CTE program at MBCC during their senior year.
  • Students must have completed, or be enrolled to complete all required courses in a state-approved CTE program sequence at MBCC. 


  • Student must demonstrate academic excellence by having an overall High School Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher at the end of the fifth cardmarking of their senior year (S2H CM5). 
  • In order to recognize growth and maturity in career preparation programs, students must meet the following requirements for end-of-semester grades in their MBCC CTE Program Courses:
10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
Three Year Program2.0 or Better“C”3.0 or Better“B”3.67  or Better“A-”
Two Year Program3.0 or Better“B”3.67  or Better“A-”
One Year Program4.0“A”
  • Student must model exemplary behavior in all MBCC classes.
    • Students with significant behavioral issues in their permanent file, as determined by the administration, are not eligible
    • Students must have unanimous support of MBCC teachers and administrators
  • Student must demonstrate career appropriate attendance while at MBCC.  Students on audit are not eligible for the MBCC Honor Cord
  • Student must meet the classroom requirement for Work Based Learning and Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) membership and/or Student Leadership in their senior year at MBCC.  This may include BPA, DECA, HOSA, FCSLA and/or SkillsUSA membership, or other MBCC student leadership/service organization with prior approval of a majority of MBCC staff.
  • MBCC Principal holds final approval/disapproval authority based on review or deportment, attendance and grades. 


The MBCC Graduation Honor Cord is a tri-colored cord:

  • Green – symbolizing excellence in Career and Technical Education
  • Gold – symbolizing future success and prosperity
  • White – symbolizing purity of spirit and service to others