Health Sciences

Health Sciences


Michael Berry Health classes prepare students with the specialized knowledge and skills that will make them successful in college and/or a variety of medical and dental careers.  Click the images below for full sized, printable flyers with lots of information about our programs for aspiring medical professionals.

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Allied Health

Introductory course for all Health Science careers.  Students must complete Allied Health before enrolling in any of the advanced, second year courses.  Exploration of health occupations, basic skills common to all health professions (vital signs, CPR, First Aid, infection control, gloving, handwashing and safety) & health care, anatomy & physiology and medical terminology.2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

Mrs. Craig (
Mrs. Dobert (
Mrs. Osborne (
Mrs. Saad (

(Counts as Allied Health)

Knowledge and skills used by first responders (Police, Fire, EMT–but also coaches, teachers and other emergency response personnel).  Includes advanced first aid and CPR certification as well as oxygen administration, extrication and general emergency medical careers exploration.

Contact: Mrs. Osborne (

Advanced Allied Health

(Second Year Students Only) Advanced medical terminology, skills & techniques; clinical rotations twice a week.2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

Contact: Mrs. Dobert (


(Second Year Students Only) Perform EKGs, injections, venipunctures, vital signs, job shadowing, externships, preparation for entry position at a medical facility. 2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

Contact: Mrs. Craig (

Sports Medicine/
PT Assist

(Second Year Students Only) Sports injury & trauma, rehabilitation techniques & practices, medical terminology, off-site clinical rotations working directly with physical therapists & trainers. 2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

Contact: Mrs. Dobert (

Dental Assist

(Second Year Students Only) Advanced studies of terminology, anatomy, physiology and office procedures specific to a dental office.  Job shadows, externships and clinical visits prepare students to work in a Dental office.  2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

Contact: Mrs. Saad (


We also offer the following year-long, 1-hour health science electives

Pre-Pharmacy: (Seniors only) Prepares students to take the Pharmacy Technician Exam (must be 18 years old to take the exam).  Students must take Medical Terminology in the first semester to prepare for the course.
Contact: Mrs. Craig (

Emergency Response Technician: First aid and CPR for the medical first responder. Students must take Medical Terminology in the second semester to complete their year-long schedule.
Contact: Mrs. Osborne (


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