Online Etiquette for Parents

Let’s face it, as great as Dearborn Public School parents are, for the most part, they were not spending  their days in the classrooms at our schools before last year. 

But then COVD-19 dumped those classrooms into your house and now everyone is navigating this new  method of delivering education. To help parents and students with online learning, we have compiled  some etiquette tips for parents. We know that most families follow good protocols, but hopefully this  will help if some clarification is needed. We thank you in advance for that cooperation.  


Please make sure students are prepared and participating. Ensure supplies and materials are ready,  and computers are charged or plugged in. Please make sure students log in on time. If you want your  child to get the most out of class, insist they turn on their camera even if the teacher does not require it.  

Remember teachers are there to teach your child. Teachers are managing their class and providing  instruction directed to your child. Please do not interrupt class with your questions or concerns. Those  are best emailed to the teacher. 

Be respectful. Teachers have had a difficult year too, and are working hard to make the best of a  situation they never expected to be in. Be patient and courteous. If you have concerns, please politely  bring those to the teacher outside of class time through email. Inappropriate language and demeaning or  aggressive behavior are not permitted. 

Don’t hover. Allow your child to interact with the teacher and do their own homework and  assessments. We always encourage parents to be involved and support their children in their learning,  but to learn and develop independence, each child needs to be engaged and doing his or her own work.  (Obviously our youngest students probably need more help from the adults at home.) 

Watch the background. Be aware that, depending on how your child’s camera and microphone are set  up, the behavior of you and others could be transmitted to the entire class. Be mindful of how you are  dressed, the language being used, and other such matters. 

Technology issues. Issues with technology will happen from time to time for a variety of reasons.  Please be patient when issues occur. For technical questions about your Chromebook, Schoology or  Zoom, please contact our parent and student tech support at or 313- 827-8400. 

Thank you for all your help! Together, we will make the best of this difficult year.

قواعد سلوك األهالي على اإلنترنت 

ىْ٘اجٔ األٍش، سغٌ عظَخ إٔبىً ٍذاسط دٌشثُ٘ اىعبٍخ، إال أُ ٍعظٌَٖ ىٌ ٌقض٘ا أٌبٌٍٖ فً صف٘ف اىذساعخ أالفزشاضٍخ فً ٍذاسعْب  قجو اىعبً اىَْصشً. 

صٌ أىقذ جبئحخ م٘فٍذ-91 ثحَو مو ٕزٓ اىصف٘ف فً ٍْبصىنٌ ٗأصجح مو ٗاحذ ٍْنٌ ٌغزنشف ٕزٓ اى٘عٍيخ اىجذٌذح ىزأٍٍِ اىزعيٌٍ. ٗىزىل،  ٍِٗ أجو ٍغبعذح األٕبىً ٗاىطالة، قَْب ثجَع ثعض اىْصبئح ح٘ه ق٘اعذ اىغي٘ك عيى اإلّزشّذ. ّعشف أُ ٍعظٌ اىعبئالد رزجع ٍشاعٌ  )ثشٗر٘م٘الد( جٍذح، ىنْْب ّأٍو ثبىَغبعذح عيى ر٘ضٍح ثعض األٍ٘س إرا دعذ اىحبجخ. مَب ّقذً ىنٌ شنشّب اىَغجق عيى رعبّٗنٌ. 


انزجاء انتأكذ مه جهىسية ومشاركة انطالب. رأمذٗا ٍِ جٖ٘صٌخ اىي٘اصً ٗاىَ٘اد، ٍِٗ أُ اىح٘اعت اَىٍخ ٍشحّ٘خ أٗ ٍ٘ص٘ىخ إىى  اىنٖشثبء. مَب ّشج٘مٌ اىزأمذ ٍِ رغجٍو دخ٘ه اىطالة إىى صف٘ف اىذساعخ اإلفزشاضٍخ عيى اى٘قذ اىَطي٘ة. ٗإرا أسدرٌ ٍِ  أٗالدمٌ/ثْبرنٌ أُ ٌغزفٍذٗا ٍِ صف٘فٌٖ إىى اىحذ األقصى، أصشٗا عيى فزح اىنبٍٍشا حزى إرا ىٌ ٌطيت اىَذسط/اىَذسعخ رىل. 

تذكزوا أن انمذرسيه/انمذرسات يتىاجذون نتعهيم أوالدكم/بىاتكم. ٌقً٘ اىَذسعُ٘/اىَذسعبد ثإداسح اىصف٘ف ٗرأٍٍِ اىزذسٌظ ألطفبىنٌ.  اىشجبء عذً ٍقبطعخ اىصف ثأعئيزنٌ أٗ قيقنٌ. ٍِ األفضو ر٘جٍٔ رىل إىى اىَذسط/اىَذسعخ عجش اىجشٌذ اإلىنزشًّٗ. 

أظهزوا إحتزامكم. اىَذسعُ٘/اىَذسعبد ٌ٘اجُٖ٘ عْخ صعجخ أٌضب، ٌٗعَيُ٘ ثجٖذ ىـزأٍٍِ األفضو فً ظشٗف ىٌ ٌز٘قع٘ا أُ ٌنّ٘٘ا  فٍٖب. مّ٘٘ا صج٘سٌِ ٗىطٍفٍِ. إرا مبُ ىذٌنٌ أي قيق، أعيَ٘ا اىَذسط/اىَذسعخ ثزىل فً سعبىخ ثشٌذ إىنزشٍّٗخ خبسط أٗقبد دٗاً  اىصف، عيَب ثأّٔ ٍِ غٍش اىَقج٘ه إعزخذاً ىغخ غٍش ٍْبعجخ ٗعي٘ك ٍٍِٖ أٗ عذائً. 

ال تحىمىا حىل انطالب/انطانبات. إعَح٘ا ألطفبىنٌ أُ ٌز٘اصي٘ا ٍع اىَذسط ٗاىقٍبً ثفشٗضٌٖ ٗٗاججبرٌٖ ٗإخزجبسارٌٖ. صحٍح أّْب دائَب  ٍب ّشجع األٕبىً عيى ٍشبسمخ ٍٗغبّذح أطفبىٌٖ عيى اىزعيٌ، ىنِ مو طفو/طفيخ ثحبجخ إىى اإلىزضاً ٗاىقٍبً ثعَئ/عَيٖب ٍِ أجو رعيٌ  ٗرطٌ٘شاإلعزقالىٍخ. )ٍِ اىطجٍعً أُ ٌحزبط اىطالة األصغش عْب إىى ٍغبعذح أمضش ٍِ اىشاشذٌِ فً اىَْضه(. 

إوتبهىا نخهفية انحصة انذراسية. مّ٘٘ا حزسٌِ ألّٔ ٍِ اىََنِ ثش رصشفبرنٌ ٗرصشفبد اَخشٌِ إىى مبٍو اىصف، حغت ٗضعٍخ  اىنبٍٍشا ٗاىٍَنشٗفُ٘ فً أجٖضح اىحبعت اىخبصخ ثأطفبىنٌ. أّزجٖ٘ا ىنٍفٍخ ىجغنٌ، اىيغخ اىَغزخذٍخ، ٗغٍش رىل ٍِ األٍ٘س. 

انمشاكم انتقىية. عز٘اجٖنٌ ٍشبمو رقٍْخ ٍِ حٍِ َخش ٗألعجبة ٍزعذدح.اىشجبء اىزحيً ثبىصجش عْذ حذٗس رىل. ٌَٗنْنٌ عْذ ٍ٘اجٖخ  أٌخ ٍشبمو فً جٖبص اىنشًٗ ث٘ك (Chromebook ،(عن٘ى٘جً (Schoology ،(أٗ صًٗٗ (Zoom (اإلرصبه ثبىَغبعذح اىزقٍْخ ىألٕو  ٗاىطالة عِ طشٌق org.dearbornschools@parenthelp أٗ اىٖبرف سقٌ 88<0-8:0;( 9. ); 

شكزا نمساعذتكم! معا، يمكىىا أن وعمم األفضم في هذي انسىة انصعبة.

Automotive Instructor Needed!

Dearborn Public Schools is looking for a teacher for our Automotive Technician program. Full-time, permanent position with Teacher contract, salary, benefits (health, vision, dental, life, retirement). Michigan Standard Teaching Certificate Preferred, but candidates with high school diploma/GED and 2-years (4000) documented work experience in automotive setting qualify.

Interested candidates may apply online:…/JobPostings/view.asp…

Learn more about the program here:…/

In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, it is the policy of the Dearborn School District that no person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender, age, disability, height, weight, or marital status, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination during any program or activity or in employment.

Community Partners Needed!

Our Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs work in partnership with local Business and industry Partners in the Dearborn Community. Together, we seek to continuously improve our programs with input from our partners so that we can better meet the employment needs of the community and provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to transition to college and/or career after high school. Together, we can “Prepare the Students of Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow!”


Currently, Dearborn Public Schools offers the following CTE programs (you can click on the name to learn more about the program):

Aspiring Dearborn Educators Preparing students for careers in Education , including: Teacher (Elementary, Secondary, Special Education and Adult Education), Paraprofessional, Child Care Associate, Tutor, Coach and Trainer.

Automotive Technician – Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) NATEF Certified (Edsel Ford and Fordson High School) Preparing students for careers in Automotive Maintenance including: Mechanic (automotive, diesel, small engine, aviation), Technician, Vehicle Sales, Engineer, Fabricator and Technical Support Specialist.

Computer Science and Programming Preparing students for careers in Computer Science including: Computer Engineer, Programmer, Application Developer, System/Network Analyst, Cybersecurity/Information Security Specialist and Web Developer.

Construction Trades (Edsel Ford and Fordson High School) Preparing students for careers in Residential and Commercial Construction including: Carpenter, Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, HVAC Technician, Architect, Mason and Heavy Equipment Operator.

Criminal Justice and Law Careers Preparing students for careers in Law and Public Safety including: Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Public Safety (Fire, EMS, etc.), Lawyer, Legal Secretary, Paralegal Assistant, Security and Military careers.

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Preparing students for Careers in the Hospitality Industry including: Chef, Baker, Restaurant Owner/Manager, Caterer, Customer Service Specialist, Resort/Cruise Careers, Hotel Customer Service and Travel Careers.

Dearborn Business Academy Preparing students for careers in Business and Entrepreneurship through a unique program that allows student to simultaneously complete up to three basic and advanced programs in the following areas:

Accounting and Finance Preparing students for Financial careers including: Accountant, Auditor, Bookkeeper, Tax Consultant, Insurance Sales, Financial Analyst, Retirement Advisor and Banker.

Business Technology and Management Preparing students for Office careers including: Entrepreneur, Business Owner/Manager, Business Administrator, Office/Clerical Support Technician, Business Analyst, Operations Supervisory and Information Technology Specialist.

Marketing and Sales Preparing students for Marketing Careers including: Advertising, Digital/Social Media Marketing, Sales, Market Research, Brand Management and Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Health Sciences Preparing for Health and Medical careers including: Physician, Nurse, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Pharmacy Technician, Nurse Assisting, Medical Billing and Medical Office Assistant.

Information Technology and Design Technology Preparing students for Digital and Computer careers including: Web Developer, Digital Graphic Designer, Architecture and Design Professional, Product Designer, Graphic Artist, Content Developer, Computer Technician, System/Network/Security Analyst, Simulation/Animation/Game Designer and Digital Artist.

Welding Technician (Edsel Ford High School) Preparing students for careers in Manufacturing including: Welding, Fabrication, Construction, Skilled Trades, Engineering Support, Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping.


Message from the Superintendent

November 11, 2020

As someone who enjoys a good long run there have been a few times when I’ve reached that point where I wasn’t sure if I could push on. They call that “hitting the wall.” It’s that point when your body feels it can’t go any further. There is a physical component that allows you to get past that point and continue, but your mind, your will, your mental determination to overcome plays a much greater part in conquering the wall.

We as a community, as a state and nation, have seemed to hit the wall in our fight against the spread of COVID 19. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of covid cases over the past several weeks and the term “COVID fatigue” has been heard more and more to describe just one of the reasons why this is happening. After eight months of cancelled plans, uncertainty, worry, and continuous efforts to mitigate the spread, we are all just
getting tired of “dealing with this.” We are all hitting our wall. But now is the time where we must dig deep and conquer the wall. We must help each other, remind each other, and continue to work together to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Last week the District took steps to help mitigate the community spread of the virus by suspending our remaining in-person learning labs. Since infection rates in the community, and in the state, continue to increase we feel the responsible action at this time is to take further steps now rather than later to help slow the spread of this virus.

The District will be reducing the number of staff in buildings and encouraging students, parents, and community members to help support these measures.

School offices will remain open, with minimal staff, during normal school hours. We highly encourage parents and community members to communicate with staff electronically to avoid entering the building. It is understood that in some cases it may be necessary to enter a school in order to address an issue or concern. In these instances please contact the school to set up an appointment.

The Administration building will be open for public access by appointment only during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please call (313) 827-3005 for Student Services, (313) 827-3002 for Human Resources, (313) 827-3100 for Payroll and Benefits, and (313) 827-3006 for all other questions.

The District has been following very stringent mitigation strategies that have proven to be effective in our schools. We are taking these additional proactive steps to help slow the spread of COVID- 19 and to keep our staff,
students and the community safe.

We have been wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing, and for the most part avoiding large crowds. The increase in the number of cases is driving our decision making on school operations and our concern for the safety of students and staff. Many health experts are attributing part of the increase to extended family and friends gatherings. These events tend to create a false sense of safety and therefore people become more relaxed about following the rules. This may play an even bigger role in the spread of the virus as we move into a holiday season centered around family and friends coming together. I encourage everyone to do their part and remain committed to following safe practices and protocols that we know are effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and helping all of us as a community to overcome the wall.

Please avoid large gatherings and Mask Up Dearborn!


Glenn M. Maleyko, Ph.D.
Dearborn Public Schools

Fall Parent Conferences (Virtual)

Parent Teacher conferences will take place on Thursday, November 12th and Wednesday, November 18th from 3:20 – 7:00 PM via Zoom.

Teachers will be sending an email to parents regarding student’s conference dates and times and options to sign up for identified timeslots.

If a parent needs a translator please let the teacher know ahead of time and we will arrange for a translator. 

Dr. Winifred L. Green
Principal, Michael Berry Career Center

Scholarship Opportunity for MBCC

See below for information on various scholarships available to MBCC students through the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. Of particular interest to our students are the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships.

Information on all Horatio Alger Scholarships as well as winners of 2020 Scholarships can be found at

The Horatio Alger Scholarship application (for National, State and Specialized Scholarships) is open through October 25.  This scholarship is for high school seniors who will be attending college in the fall of 2021.Please direct students to apply at  Scholarships range from $10,000 to over $50,000.

The Career and Technical Scholarship application is also still open on a rolling basis through October 15 as we attempt to fill all of the scholarships available.  Scholarships are for students pursuing technical certification/associate’s degree programs and are under 30 years of age.  This application can also be accessed through

Schoology for Parents

Schoology for Parents Logo

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Dearborn Public Schools is now using Schoology, an integrated learning management solution that provides course management, mobile learning, and support for system-wide communication.  Schoology enables our students, parents, and teachers to engage with learning materials and their school community from the classroom and beyond. 

With Schoology, students can digitally submit homework assignments, review grades, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, write academic blogs, and more. As a parent, you will be able to view your child’s activity within the platform. 

Parents will be able to see the work that is being assigned to their children. Schoology will also be used to communicate important information from the School. Schoology can be used on the web or via the Schoology App for iOS or Android.

Grades will still be available in ParentConnect through MiStar. 

You will be receiving an email with your login information. These emails will be sent to parent email addresses on file via the Emergency Information Forms. 

Schoology also has a Parent Guide available to support you and your questions. One of the most important topics is Parent Notifications. You can choose how and how often you are notified by Schoology. You may also find the Parent Overview Video useful. 

We value your participation in your child’s education, and we encourage you to read Schoology’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Use at Student progress and activity will be monitored by faculty to ensure a safe, secure, and controlled environment. 


Troy Patterson

Director, Technology & Media Services

MBCC and Online Program (VLP)

We are receiving many questions about MBCC classes and the “all year, online-only” program, the Dearborn Virtual Learning Program (VLP). There is a link with district information below, but to summarize:

  • ALL Dearborn students are starting the year remotely.
  • High school students are signed up for 6 classes each semester, which CAN include MBCC classes. All these classes will meet remotely at least until October 1.
  • If and when the school board decides to return students to live face-to-face or “hybrid” instruction (where they attend some days in person and some days remotely), parents/students will have to make a choice:
    • To remain totally online for the rest of the year, they will drop their high school classes (including MBCC) and be assigned teaches at the VLP. There is no guarantee that the VLP teachers will be from their home high school. No MBCC teachers are assigned to VLP, so students would have to pick another elective at VLP at that time.
    • Students/Parent will have the option of remaining at the high school/MBCC and attending the face-to-face sessions in person. The district will attempt to be flexible if students want to attend MBCC courses face-to-face but switch to VLP course for the remainder of their schedule.

Please contact your High School Principal if you have questions or concerns. You may also view the District’s “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VLP at the link below).