Scholarship Opportunity for MBCC

See below for information on various scholarships available to MBCC students through the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. Of particular interest to our students are the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships.

Information on all Horatio Alger Scholarships as well as winners of 2020 Scholarships can be found at

The Horatio Alger Scholarship application (for National, State and Specialized Scholarships) is open through October 25.  This scholarship is for high school seniors who will be attending college in the fall of 2021.Please direct students to apply at  Scholarships range from $10,000 to over $50,000.

The Career and Technical Scholarship application is also still open on a rolling basis through October 15 as we attempt to fill all of the scholarships available.  Scholarships are for students pursuing technical certification/associate’s degree programs and are under 30 years of age.  This application can also be accessed through

Schoology for Parents

Schoology for Parents Logo

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Dearborn Public Schools is now using Schoology, an integrated learning management solution that provides course management, mobile learning, and support for system-wide communication.  Schoology enables our students, parents, and teachers to engage with learning materials and their school community from the classroom and beyond. 

With Schoology, students can digitally submit homework assignments, review grades, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, write academic blogs, and more. As a parent, you will be able to view your child’s activity within the platform. 

Parents will be able to see the work that is being assigned to their children. Schoology will also be used to communicate important information from the School. Schoology can be used on the web or via the Schoology App for iOS or Android.

Grades will still be available in ParentConnect through MiStar. 

You will be receiving an email with your login information. These emails will be sent to parent email addresses on file via the Emergency Information Forms. 

Schoology also has a Parent Guide available to support you and your questions. One of the most important topics is Parent Notifications. You can choose how and how often you are notified by Schoology. You may also find the Parent Overview Video useful. 

We value your participation in your child’s education, and we encourage you to read Schoology’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Use at Student progress and activity will be monitored by faculty to ensure a safe, secure, and controlled environment. 


Troy Patterson

Director, Technology & Media Services

MBCC and Online Program (VLP)

We are receiving many questions about MBCC classes and the “all year, online-only” program, the Dearborn Virtual Learning Program (VLP). There is a link with district information below, but to summarize:

  • ALL Dearborn students are starting the year remotely.
  • High school students are signed up for 6 classes each semester, which CAN include MBCC classes. All these classes will meet remotely at least until October 1.
  • If and when the school board decides to return students to live face-to-face or “hybrid” instruction (where they attend some days in person and some days remotely), parents/students will have to make a choice:
    • To remain totally online for the rest of the year, they will drop their high school classes (including MBCC) and be assigned teaches at the VLP. There is no guarantee that the VLP teachers will be from their home high school. No MBCC teachers are assigned to VLP, so students would have to pick another elective at VLP at that time.
    • Students/Parent will have the option of remaining at the high school/MBCC and attending the face-to-face sessions in person. The district will attempt to be flexible if students want to attend MBCC courses face-to-face but switch to VLP course for the remainder of their schedule.

Please contact your High School Principal if you have questions or concerns. You may also view the District’s “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VLP at the link below).

Welcome our New Criminal Justice Teacher!

For students in our Criminal Justice classes who noticed their teacher was “Staff C”…we’d like to introduce you to Ms. Jill Jacobs, our new Instructor for the program who is starting with us TODAY! As a recent retiree from the Southfield Police Department, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. She even worked with our previous instructor Sgt. Huguley! Please welcome her to MBCC and wish her well on this exciting new adventure!

Ms. Jacobs, Criminal Justice Instructor

MBCC Book and Materials Pickup

The “Drive By” pickup for students needing textbooks or materials for their MBCC classes is scheduled for NEXT WEEK THURSDAY (September 10th) from 11:00am to 12:00 noon. Teachers will be set up at a curbside table by door #1 (near the flagpole, under the “Michael Berry Career Center” on the wall).

  • Most MBCC classes use electronic / digital textbooks and materials, so many teachers will not require you to pick up anything at this time. You can check with individual teachers through email and/or Schoology.
  • Some teachers may have materials/equipment to distribute/check out on a rotating basis during the semester. Again, heck with individual teachers through email and/or Schoology.

First Week of School

Parents and Students: Thank your for your patience in this rapidly evolving remote learning environment. Our expectations for MBCC student this week are:

  • Check our your high school’s home page and follow THEIR directions for what you are supposed to do. We will accommodate their differing schedules to the best of our ability.
  • Log into the Schoology accounts for each of your classes as scheduled (1-2-3rd hour Monday, 4-5-6 hour Tuesday). MBCC Teachers should have a BRIEF “check in” assignment, information or further instructions.
  • We are in the process of adding three new teachers (hopefully in the next week), so if your teacher’s name is “STAFF” you need to EMAIL the person indicated and tell them:
    • In the subject, put “Checking In” and your NAME/Student Number
    • In the body of the email, tell us:
      • Which high school you are coming from
      • Which hour(s) and which class(es) you are enrolled in at MBCC
    • Send email to the following person (depending on the class you are in):
      • Staff “C” (Criminal Justice Classes): email Ms. Chokr (
      • Staff “T” (Allied Health Classes): email Mrs. Barton (
      • Staff “Z” (Language Arts Classes): Email Mr. Odeh (

Questions about Back to School

As Dearborn Schools and the Michigan Department of Education continue to grapple with back-to-school plans, we will try to post information about how various plans impact MBCC students here. Students/Parents should contact your student’s HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELOR for up-to-date information.

At this time, there are TWO option for for students (both will begin the year online):

The Dearborn Virtual Academy: Students will enroll in the DVA and take ONLINE ONLY classes for the entire year. At this time, these students can NOT take MBCC classes and will have to select alternative electives based on what DVA offers.

Return to School (Phase 4): Students will start the year (until October 1) in an online only format with “Optional Learning Labs”. Each month, the district will re-evaluate and decide if students will continue with remote learning or resume face-to-face instruction in the classroom. Students will keep the six courses they selected (3 periods at MBCC and 3 periods at the home school)

We are currently working out what the first day(s) of school will look like and will post that information here when it is finalized (how students schedules, how to log into remote learning, what exactly Learning Labs will entail, daily schedules, etc. )

Parents: US Census 2020

Dear Parent(s),

Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data.

For a better future of our city, schools, and students , please click on the link now and fill out the census. It only takes a few minutes from your time to make a difference.

Complete the Census application here:


The Staff of the Michael Berry Career Center

United States Census 2020 | City of Poughkeepsie