Career & Technical Education and Michael Berry Career Center

Enrolling Now for Pre Education Careers Program!

Dearborn students who will be in 10th, 11th or 12th grade next year are encouraged to sign up for our Pre Education Careers program. This program is designed to prepare students for the four year Bachelor’s degree in education required to be an Elementary, Secondary or Special Education teacher. Students will participate in classroom instruction about the theory and practice of teaching. They will spend time shadowing and working with Dearborn teachers in the elementary, secondary and specialized classrooms as they observe, learn and practice what it takes to be a successful teacher. The will be exposed to a variety of related education careers as well: counselor, social worker, paraprofessional, Occupational Therapists, administration, etc. Interested students should reach out to Dr. Bayerl at MBCC ( ASAP as there are only a few spots remaining for the Fall of 2024.