Career & Technical Education and Michael Berry Career Center

Virtual Open House

Explore below to meet our Teachers and learn about our exciting High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs!

You can click on their name to see a brief video introduction and on subject in parenthesis to be taken to the program page with course descriptions.

Mr. Anthony (Social Studies)
Mr. Aquino (Digital Media)
Mrs. Barton (Health Science)
Mrs. Brewer (Social Studies)
Mr. Campbell (Social Studies)
Ms. Dawson (Social Worker)
Ms. Dobert (Health Science)
Mr. Farhoud (Business)
Ms. Jacobs (Criminal Justice)
Mrs. Lang (Health Science)
Mr. McMullen (Digital Media and Computer Programming)
Ms. Mozahem (Health Science)
Mr. Odeh (Language Arts)
Mrs. Osborne (Health Science)
Chef Pokrywki (Culinary Arts)
Mrs. Shawver (Computer Programming)
Mr. Teets (Business)
Mr. Vandenbosch (Social Studies)