Career & Technical Education and Michael Berry Career Center

Articulated College Credit

Through our partnership with Henry Ford College, students who complete the complete sequence of classes in any DPS CTE program, and then enroll at Henry Ford College in the related career program, can earn college credit for the coursework they completed in high school. Visit THIS LINK for more information. There are a few state-wide agreements in place with other colleges and universities in Michigan. You’ll find them listed (with links) at the bottom of this page.

This chart outlines the basic agreements (Items in BOLD are in the process of being finalized). You can click the DPS Program Link to read the high school program/course description. You can use the HFCC Catalog to see the college course names/description. The complete, detailed requirements for each program are found in the documents attached below the table.

NOTE: Most of these agreements are in the process of being renegotiated for the 2022-2023 school year. Changes will be posted here as approved.

Dearborn CTE Students…
(Click Link for
Program Details)
…Who Pass These High School Courses with a
“C” or better…
…ANd Then Complete These HFC Courses……Will also Earn Credit for these HFC Courses:
Aspiring Dearborn Educators
(Teacher Cadet)
Child Development
Child Guidance
Elementary Teacher Cadet
(2 Semesters)
ENG 131 (3cr)
ENG 132 (3cr)
PSY 131 (3cr)
Portfolio Review
EDU 201 (3cr)
EDU 202 (1cr)
Automotive Technician
Auto Tech 1
Auto Tech 2
Auto Tech 3
Auto Tech 4
Auto Tech 5
AUTO 105 (3cr)
AUTO 110 (3cr)
AUTO 140 (3Cr)
AUTO 101 (4cr)
Computer Programming
*may earn additional credit through AP Exams
AP Comp Sci Princ
AP Comp Sci A
CIS 112 (3cr)
CIS 122 (3cr)
CIS171 (3cr)
CIS 230 (3cr)
CIS 125 (3cr)
CIS 170 (3cr)
Construction TradesWood Tech 1
Wood Tech 2
Geometry in Construction
ACT 101 (3cr)
ACT 124 (3cr)
ACT 104 (4cr)
Criminal Justice and Law CareersPS & Law Careers
Tools & Technique
Laws & Ethics
Invest & Reports

*Forensic Science

CRJ 132 (3cr)
CRJ 251 (3cr)

CRJ 131 (3cr)
CRJ 132 (3cr)

CRJ 131 (3cr)

CRJ 234 (3cr)
Culinary ArtsHosp Studies I
Adv Hosp Studies
Coming Soon!
Dearborn Business Academy – AccountingAccounting 1
Accounting 2
Accounting 3
Accounting 4
BAC 132 (4cr)
BAC 231 (4cr)
BAC 131 (4cr)
Dearborn Business Academy – Management & TechnologyBus Tech & Mgmt
ENG 131 ()3cr)MGT 230 (3cr)
Dearborn Business Academy – MarketingIntro Marketing
Market Mgmt
School Store
Social Media
BBA 131 (4cr)
or CIS 125 (4cr)
CIS 100 (3cr)
BBA NCE (1cr)
Digital Multimedia and Design TechnologyDesign Concepts 2D/3D
Software Specialist
Graphic Design Departmental Exam
Portfolio Review

CIS 100 (3cr)

ART 107 (3cr)
ART 114 (3cr)
Health SciencesAllied Health
(full year)
Enroll in any HFC Heath Certificate ProgramHCS 103 (1cr)
HCS 124 (1cr)
Welding TechnicianWeld Tech 1
Weld Tech 2
Department Exam (70% required)CIMWD-100 (1cr)
CIMWD-101 (1cr)
CIMWD-102 (1cr)
CIMWD-110 (1cr)
CIMWD-120 (1cr)
CIMWD-130 (1cr)
You may click “download” below to see the official agreements. You will find the detailed requirements to earn credit listed on the last page op the document. For more information on applying for credit, click THIS LINK.

Dearborn Public Schools Articulation Agreements:

Culinary Arts Agreement Coming Soon!

Statewide Articulation Agreements (click links for details)

Alpena Community College (Automotive Technician and Welding only)

Baker College (All CTE Programs)

Central Michigan University (Education General/Teacher Cadet only)

Davenport University (All CTE Programs)

Delta College (Automotive Technician only)

Ferris State University (All CTE Programs except Criminal Justice and Construction)

Kirtland Community College (Digital/Multimedia, Criminal Justice and Welding only)

Mid Michigan Community College (Education, Automotive Tech, Computer Programming, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Business Management, Digital/Multimedia, Health Science, Welding)

Saginaw Valley State University (Education/Teacher Cadet only)

Universal Technical Institute (Automotive Technician only)…see document below

Washtenaw Community College (All CTE Programs)